Hedged Equity

Always Invested, Always Hedged

Diversification is not enough; seeking a smoother investing experience demands an active approach. 


Redefine Investing with our innovative hedged equity approach.

Always Invested for Growth.


Always Hedged to Mitigate Risk.

Innovative. Investor-Focused. Outcome-Oriented.

Swan Global Investments is a leader in hedging and option overlay strategies and committed to helping long-term investors grow and preserve wealth.

Launched in 1997, our time-tested approach to Hedged Equity is distinctly aligned with investor concerns.

Investor Concern
Investment Approach
Portfolio Component
Stocks Can Be Risky
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Seek to Mitigate Downside Risk
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Need to Grow My Wealth
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Equity Market Participation
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Don't lose my money
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Don't outive my money
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Mitigate Downside Risk
Participate Market Growth
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How it Works.

Our innovative Always Invested, Always Hedged philosophy is executed in a 3-step process.

The result is a distinct blend of passive investing1 and active risk management.

Step 1

Invest for Growth

Always Invested:

Passively invest in low-cost, index ETFs

Step 2

Hedge to Mitigate Risk

Always Hedged:

Actively manage long-term hedge (LEAPS)

Step 3

Seek Additional Return

Actively Manage:

Short-term & long-term option strategies

Discplined | Repeatable | Transparent

More About Hedged Equity

Always Invested
for Growth.

Always Hedged
to Mitigate Risk.


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Swan in the News

A Message from Founder, Randy Swan.

In our view, investors cannot afford to be passive about risk management. We believe by actively seeking to not lose big, investors will be better off in the long run.

Prophesy as much as you like, but always hedge.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes